Combinatorics (MATH 345) Homepage - Fall '12

Listed below are some useful items for you.
  • Syllabus [pdf]

  • Problem Sets [pdf]

  • Thoughts on homework [pdf]

    We'll miss you, Count von Count.

    For your homework you will need to use LaTeX, a tool for typesetting mathematics. Have you got a Mac? Get TexShop here. Have you got a PC? MikTeX is here and TexnicCenter is here.

    To give you an idea of exams from previous times I taught the course.
  • Exam 1 - Spring '07 [pdf]
  • Exam 1 - Spring '09 [pdf]

  • Exam 2 - Spring '07 [pdf]
  • Exam 2 - Spring '09 [pdf]

  • Exam 3 - Spring '07 [pdf]
  • Exam 3 - Spring '09 [pdf]

    Our text, Introductory Combinatorics, 5th edition, has an author - here is his website.

    The final exam (i.e. Exam 3) will be given only on the scheduled exam day, please make plans accordingly. The final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, December 11, 9am-12pm.
    Some graduates of this class use it in their daily lives. Read about: Ben Liang ('09) In the past, a few students in this class have been good at dancing and singing. What is your special talent?
    Donny Dickson ('11)
    David Park ('15)