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Class of 2013, T2

AKA: Stooge, Stoo, Party Boy, The Crusher, Coke, All Weekend
Hometown: Stowe, VT (originally Washington Crossing, PA)
Major: Defense Against the Dark Arts
About: Lions make Stu cry. He doesn't deny it. He belts Disney and Lean on Me from the top of treetops everywhere. At his core Stu is an athlete, and has become an integral part of simABS routine, out on DVD/ blu-ray June 2010. He runs the 110m hurdles, and is usually a step or two ahead of Jojo in races (Jojo is too busy deciphering the pitch of the startgun to get a good jump...). His family also recently moved to Stowe, VT, which is super convenient for SIM - we use it as our summer/ weekend/ ski-in, ski-out home (yea, we have one of those...).
Interests: Athletic apparel in his size, Barnard
Solos: Collide

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