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{ jacob udell }
Class of 2012, T2 - Bari

Major: Solar Physics, as if Middlebury has such a major
Hometown: New York, NY
About: You just Can't Help Falling In Love With Jacob Udell. In fact, I once heard that an ex-girlfriend of his Cried A River over him breaking up with her. Jacob grew up in the Big Apple (meaning New York City not a large fruit). His wonderful voice was only heard by his shower before coming to SIM. He also sang alone in the middle of the woods but there was no one there to hear it but we don't know if he actually made a sound.
Interests: Jacob like swordsmanship (Duh), yoga, climate change (he's in favor of fighting it), chess, base jumping, and surfing with Casey in his spare time.
Solos: Cry Me A River, Can't Help Falling in Love (UB40)

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