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{ ryan kellett }
Class of 2009.5, Bari - Bass
Fmr. Music Director, Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

AKA: Kellz, Dad
Hometown: San Fransisco, CA
Major: International Politics and Economics, Environmental Studies minor
About: Ryan sometimes comes off as an old soul, and we think it's because he has managed to squeeze so many experiences into his first 23 years. He has already had two mid-life crises. He's been in jail for a total of seven years. He's been married three times, and has children in China and San Francisco. Then again, we sometimes call him "father," not as if he were religious (even if sometimes he gets preachy) but as if he were "father time" or "father of the bride." We're waiting on him to kick the bucket.
Interests: Other mudbloods, middblogging, doing things in the name of half asians everywhere
Solos: Disarm, Come Go With Me, Right Me Up, Apologize


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