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{ natty smith }
Class of 2010.5, T2 - Bari

Hometown: JOB, Mass. (Just Outside the Boston)
Major: Geography and Naval Studies
About: Known to occassionally masquerade as George Lockhart (no relation to the eminent Jason Lockhart), Natty is the resurrected renaissance man. He is the owner of a world-destroying laugh, but has luckily trademarked his nattyhat, nattyheelclick, nattyscarf and nattypotato to make up for it. He lives a dual existence between a rooftop fiddler and a childish monkey, but we accept him no matter where his whims lead him. Natty is abroad, spreading his infectious happiness to sea monkeys everywhere.
Interests: his custom line of Natty apparel, fiddling, time management, non-polo shirts
Solos: Hold My Hand, Tarzan Boy
Arrangements: Parting Glass

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