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{ jack terrett }
Class 2011, T2 - Bari - Beat
Business Director, Fall 2009

AKA: J'k (like "jik" really fast)
Canterbury, England
Major: Physics, Chemistry, Sciences (Not English, surprisingly enough)
About: It should be duly noted that Jack Terrett often garners the most cheers when introducing himself to audiences across the New England region. His witty punchlines ("...and my favorite superhero is The Queen") have a way of lightening up the mood. If you're not reading this bio with your best British accent, you really should start now because it's not everyday you get to say the words "cheerio" and "wanker." Then again, Jack being Jack, we should also point out that his diet mainly consists of non-vegetables.
Interests: Running from something but not toward anything, accents, the Mayflower, the Queen (Jack's favorite superhero)
Arrangements: Sweetest Girl
Harmonies: Beautiful Thing

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