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{ john montroy }
Class of 2012, T1 - Beat
Music Director, Fall 2009

AKA: Johntroy, Jojo, Jingle Bells
Exit 23, New Jersey
Major: Physics (assuming he attends his final exams)
About: Affectionately known as Johntroy (a clever and witty fusion of his two names, making it have a playful, roll-off-the-tongue feel) and JoJo, John is perfect in everything he does. A legend in his hometown of MaaahWaaah, John is famous for his ability to sing on demand. He has in fact replaced our once dearly loved and much cared for pitch-pipe due to his perfect pitch – unfortunately, John is not as easy to carry around in our pockets and whip out in concerts, as past experiences have shown… Besides his legendary perfection, Johntroy is also well-known for his impromptu and explosive (one might say unexpected) starts to songs and the cheeky grin he brings wherever he goes!
Interests: Track, gorillas, lanyards
Solos: Parting Glass, Hold My Hand
Harmonies: Beautiful Thing


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