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Class of 2012, T2 - Bari

AKA: Spice, Jai Ho, Too Nice, Really?, Slumdawg
Hometown: Bombay, India
Major: Enviro Econ, Chinese, Badass
About: Six foot ten, making him the tallest man in India (and in SIM), Nial could play basketball but instead doom doom doom's on the court with his acappella group suffices. He frequently offers the group edible Indian goodies that look like drugs in varying colors and SIM takes whatever he gives us, no questions asked. His freshmen bow to him as he plays miniature golf in the Stew 4 hallway. Bring your worries, your fears, your aspirations to his room in Stewart, where he reigns as FYC. Nial is the REAL taste of India, or maybe just eye candy (he's studying optomological confections).
Interests: Chicken Curry Stu and Stew, Culinary masterpieces on Proctor panini machines, ordering food for SIM in foreign countries, hurling boulders on stormy nights in the mountains

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