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{ ian sanders-fleming }
Class of 2009.5, T2 - Beat

AKA: Captain Awesome
JOB, Mass. (Just Outside of Boston)
Major: Geography with a emphasis on Awesome, hence his title of "Captain Awesome"
About: Ian's soul can be found in the GIS Lab on Floor Three of Bicentennial Hall, the second largest building in Vermont. We used to believe Ian was one of those free spirits who refused to have a facebook profile or even really check his email. But now you can spot him in Ross dining hall, headphones-in, arranging on a retro iBook. Ian is the most traditionally good looking in the group and for that we hate him. He can be seen around campus riding his bike, swimming, running, or with a big goofy smile on his face.
Interests: The outdoors, making everyone else look ugly by comparison, cardio activities, dancefloor battles, octopussy
Solos: Working for the Weekend, Such Great Heights, Joy to the World, You Know My Name, Everyday Love, Thriller
Arrangements: Right Me Up

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