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{ chris lam }
Class of 2010, Bari - Bass - Beat
Social Director, Fall 2009 (Fmr. Fall 2007 - Spring 2008)

AKA: Clam, Cram
Hometown: (and I quote) "I was born in Hong Kong, but I grew up in Toronto" (most would find this superfluous, but not our Clam)
Major: Japanese Biology
About: Chris Lam can dance the pants off you, especially if your wearing shorts, skirts, or a kilt. Thanks to middlebury college's e-mail conjunctions, everyone calls this fellow Clam (as compared to an oyster or mussel) - and you should too. Versed in many languages, he has recently gained the right of speech during rehearsals after the judicial decision of Chad Harris the III vs. HK (for commentary, please approach either party with the customary dance steps in hand). Unfortunately, Clam will be venturing back to the Orient for a spring semester in Tokyo and I for one, cannot wait for MTV to start a show about the amazing dancing sensation he is sure to start...
Interests: Track, The Art of Breaking it Down, Sweatpants
Solos: Beautiful Thing, I Can't Help Falling In Love (UB40 version), Come Go With Me

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