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{ noah berman }
Class of 2013, T1

AKA: The Clown, Kung-fu Panda, Awkard Stare, Jack Black, Moses' Ark
Hometown: JOB, Newton, MA
Major: Metaphysical Systems Interactions (with a Minor in Spanish)
About: We always knew Noah had a bit of a penchant for the awkard, the sexual, and the downright creepy. But we never fully comprehended just how many feelings of scared he could inspire in all of us with his eyes and improvisational abilities. From raunchy to rowdy, Noah is the beacon of funny to the extent that we might let him try out for Otter Nonsense Improv Troupe. Chances are he'd get in but then he'd never come to rehearsal. He might also get into any number of rock bands on campus as the lead singer, but then again he'd just be perpetuating the image of him in "school of rock."
Interests: iPhones and fear

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