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{ alec nelson }
Class of 2013, Bari - Bass

AKA: Ninja, Flute Boy, Sheep Boy
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Major: Bathymetry with a focus in Macrogravitational Fluidics
About: We can always count on Alec to be on time, on queue, and on key. Good for you, Alec. His German is sharp as a tack so much so that he barely speaks any of the common language (English) in our presence. Instead, he heils and ich lieber dich's his way through our song lyrics to the point we had to have him sing quieter. All he really understands is shhhhhhh. We gesture frantically to convey other messages like rehearsal time and the name of asian members of our group. We could learn sign language as a common way of communication.
Interests: Shepherding, Watering Plants

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