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I have been a professor of Russian at Middlebury College for the past thirty years. First and foremost I am a teacher of Russian language and literature and you can access my course web pages as well as a list of my publications above.

As a scholar I wear three hats. Recently I have devoted time and attention to the novels of Dan Brown. Look for my 33 Keys to Unlocking The Lost Symbol: A Reader's Companion to the Dan Brown Novel. Listen to an interview on WRMC from January 8, 2010 or watch a video of me speaking about the novel in Middlebury on January 10, 2010. I also taught a seminar that helped produce a complete annotated version of The Da Vinci Code. With Angels and Demons again released and the movie in May 2009, check out your knowledge of the Code at the left. In the fall of 2009 I offered a seminar on Angels and Demons and with students to create an online set of annotations to explain references in the film and the novel.

On the following pages you can learn more about Russian language and culture under Russia Today, including a way to learn the Russian alphabet a fast and fun way.

As a literary scholar I have devoted special attention to the writer Andrei Bely and the phenomenon of Russian Berlin. I am also involved in a project on Russian America to document the Russian emigration to the New York area since the 1970's.

For the past twenty years I have explored new ways to have technology complement my teaching and research. An early overview of my work at Middlebury with the Internet was presented at the NEConference on Language Teaching. More recently I spoke in Shanghai on New Technologies applied to language teaching.

Some Old and Some New

Even before the publication of Dan Brown's next novel, purported to be titled The Solomon Key, but recently announced for September 15, 2009 as The Lost Symbol, articles, books, and yes even web pages such as this are beginning to appear. Many of these are commercial ventures hoping to capitalize on the economic success of Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code, and those books and other efforts connected with it.

My own goal is more modest: to provide a set of links to information (mostly electronic) that will enhance the reading and answer questions raised by pointing to sources and themes contained in the novel.

All of this is great fun if you love puzzles, codes, or are simply curious. This is just a beginning. For those interested in the eventual outcome, visit my own Keys to The Lost Symbol.


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