Andrei Bely


translated by

Thomas R. Beyer, Jr.


In the spring of 2003 a tri-lingual version, the original Russian text, my English translation and a German translation along with extensive notes and commentary, was published under the title Glossolalie. Follow this link for ordering information. What follows is the original project to provide a complete Russian text of Andrei Bely's Glossolalia: Poem about Sound printed in Berlin in 1922. The web version contains a side by side copy of the Russian text with my own English translation, annotated and supplemented by hyper links. That text and translation is now available electronically along with extensive notes. The elecronic commentary is somewhat mroe complete, but the most accurate English translation is found in the printed version. The size of the English translation can be modified by increasing or decreasing the font size.

You can also download an electronic version of the Russian text requiring no special fonts in PDF format. My English translation without the notes is available as an HTML document. In 2010 severalelectronic versions appeared. You can download the introduction, a pdf version, and a text version.

Glossolalia is a very complex text. Several years ago I wrote explaining the work's significance in a published article: "Andrej Belyj's Glossalolija: A Berlin Glossolalia." Europa Orientalis, XIV, 2 (1995), 7-25.

This project was made possible with the help of Pedro Vides and Jenny Stroud of Middlebury College's Class of 2000.

©2000 Andrei Bely, Glossolalia. Translation and notes by Thomas R. Beyer, Jr.

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