Opheodrys vernalis

Smooth Greensnake

Opheodrys vernalis

Photo taken by Maureen Rice.
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Distribution of O. vernalis in Vermont

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True to its name, the Smooth Greensnake has smooth scales and is solid green. When it is dead, it turns blue. They can grow to be 2 feet long (the longest documented in Vermont is 19 inches).


Smooth Greensnakes are found in beaver meadows, overgrown fields, pastures, and sedge meadows.


This species has a state natural heritage rank of S3 (uncommon); however, it is becoming difficult to find in Vermont. The Smooth Greensnake has been designated a Species of Greatest Conservation Need (medium priority) in Vermont’s Wildlife Action Plan. Please report all sightings of this species in Vermont. Take photos if possible. Even historic sighting information is useful. Any natural history observations (feeding, migrations, road crossing areas, early or late season appearance, abnormalities, etc.) are appreciated.

This snake was formerly classifed in the genus Liochlorophis.

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Species summary written by Kaile Burgess.

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