Graptemys geographica

Map Turtle

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Graptemys geographica

Photo by K. Andrews.

Graptemys geographica juvenile

Photo by S. Parren.

Graptemys geographica

Photo credit unknown.

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Distribution of G. geographica in Vermont

Distribution Map

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The Map Turtle has a slightly domed, smooth carapace that may have a strong central keel. A close look at their gray-green carapace reveals curved off-white lines that resemble topographic lines on a map. The posterior margin of their carapace is both toothed and flared. The plastron is wide and usually pale yellow. They are 6-11 inches long. Their skin is dark green to black with pale yellow stripes.


They are almost entirely aquatic although they often bask. Their population in Vermont is limited to Lake Champlain and its major tributaries.


This species has a state natural heritage rank of S3 (uncommon). They are a species of special concern in Vermont. Please report all sightings of this species in Vermont. Take photos if possible. Even historic sighting information is useful.

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Species summary written by Kaile Burgess.

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