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TEDxMiddlebury Videos


*All Videos Now Available! Watch them here or on the TEDx YouTube Channel*


Mike Kiernan - Shouting Over the Storm: Communication in a Moment of Crisis



Chris Waddell '91 - Recovery



Anna Cummins - Synthetic Sea, Synthetic Me: Plastic in the World's Oceans



Stephen Kiernan '82 - Authentic Patriotism



Sunny Bates - Getting Here from There



Frank Sesno '77 - It's All in the Story



Beth Coleman - Hello Avatar: Your Networked Life



Alex Prud'homme '84 - Writing with Julia



Astri Von Arbin Ahlander '07 & Yelizavetta Kofman '07 - Lattice as Lifestyle



Michael Silberman '02 - Rise of the Amateur Organizers



Philip Conkling - Thinking Like an Island



Chris Maxey - Time for Schools to Go to Work



Sierra Crane-Murdoch '09 - On Being Human



Jessica Riley '98 - The Place of Wonder: A Gigantic Pod of Potential




TED Talk Videos at TEDxMiddlebury

Elizabeth Gilbert - On Nurturing Creativity



Steven Johnson - Where Good Ideas Come From



Sir Ken Robinson - Do Schools Kill Creativity?



Nicholas Christakis - The Hidden Influence of Social Networks



If you have any questions or if you would like to get involved in organizing next year's event, send an email to: tedx@middlebury.edu



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