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TEDxMiddlebury: 15 Speakers on Saturday, October 2, 2010




Speakers and Organizers

Many of the Speakers and Organizers at the Post-TEDxMiddlebury Dinner Party --- Photo Credit: Andrew Podrygula '12




TEDxMiddlebury Attendees --- Photo Credit: Lois Parshley '11



Dilanthi RanaweeraCloe Shasha and Michaela OConnorAudienceAudienceAudience

TEDxMiddlebury Discussion Between Speakers --- Photo Credit: Eleanor Horowitz '11, Lois Parshley '11, and Daisy Zhuo '12



Peter SpyrouCloe ShashaChris De La CruzKen GrindeMatt NakitariTyler GibsonNapolWill BellaimeyBen WesselDrew WaxmanRachel WoldCasey DonahueLogan BrownHudson Cavanagh

Middlebury College Students Respond to the TEDxMiddlebury Talks --- Photo Credit: Daisy Zhuo '12, Eleanor Horowitz '11, and Andrew Podrygula '12





If you have any questions or if you would like to get involved in organizing next year's event, send an email to: tedx@middlebury.edu


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