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Lovely website! I also enjoy your selection of repertoire... All best wishes, From another pianist, Valarie Alexandra Valois
06.04.2008 12:2863.240.26.119

Diana, Your brother John told us how to find your website and we have listened to some of your wonderful music. We did not know that our friend John had such a talented sister. We are ordering one of your CD's for our collection. I am pleased that you have read and enjoyed my book Abandoned and Forgotten. We sincerely hope that some day we will have an opportunity to meet and listen to you perform in person.
05.03.2008 16:4163.240.26.119

Hi Diana! I'm so sorry I missed your performance. For some reason, I was thinking it was on a weekday this week (week of Feb 6th). How have you been? Was Greenwich a stop on a tour? And how is Emory doing? Hope you both have been well these many years!! Paul
02.06.2006 14:12 by Paul Lin63.240.26.119

Hi Diana,
This is a beautiful website! I got your postcard from my mother, and unfortunately will not be able to make it to your concert, but hope that you will keep me informed of when you are playing. I would love to hear from you!
Best wishes, Martha

02.01.2006 16:58 by Martha Colby160.39.34.190

Hello! First time here. This site is very interesting. I like it! Best Wishes. Dorothy.
01.05.2006 12:49 by Dorothy Mackiton70.84.229.130

Dear Diana - As elegant and facile a website as you are elegant and approachable a person. I have no intention of addressing my appreciation to the build of a website, however, when it is more truly directed simply to you! With all best wishes - Yours, Darrell Rosenbluth, pianist, New York City
11.15.2005 07:12 by Darrell Rosenbluth64.12.116.70

My compliments to the Web Page designer! The new page is impressive!
Only a half hour ago, I sent an email to Middlebury friends saying that I must email you to check the concert date at the Bach Festival. The ESP got through to you. Your email was there when I came to turn off the computer to retire!
Thanks so much. I'll post the date at The Farragut where we live to see whether we can now plan a bus trip to North Conway!

08.14.2005 23:38 by Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom207.69.137.206

Hi Diana,
I found it all by myself! I am once again impressed!

08.01.2004 23:07 by Nancy

Hi Diana,
After 2 years of trials and tribulations with software, I am finally able to listen to your beautiful music on the web site, I just spent an hour listening to all of them over and over.
So beautiful!

05.01.2004 21:13 by John Fanning

I love your website and I'm so glad that you played my mother's composition so beautifully! You are such a talented pianist and a wonderful person. Best Wishes, Maya!

03.12.2004 17:21 by Maya Albanese

Greetings: Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that Tom and I have enjoyed listening to your CD over and over again, gleaning some previously unheard nuance or finesse with each hearing. You rock.
03.11.2004 14:58 by Susan

Dear Diana, My husband and I attended your performance at the College yesterday and LOVED it! The Schubert stands out to me as a personal favorite. Thank you for inviting me! Susan Nop
03.08.2004 15:03 by Susan Nop

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L +++ listen  Leos Janacek
from On an Overgrown Path
1. Nase vecery

L +++ listen  Leos Janacek
On an Overgrown Path
3. Pojdte s nami

L +++ listen  Leos Janacek
On an Overgrown Path
7. Dobrou noc!

L +++ listen  Leos Janacek
On an Overgrown Path
9. V placi

L +++ listen  Claude Debussy
from L'Isle Joyeuse

L +++ listen  Frederic Chopin
Sonata No.3 in B Minor
1. Allegro maestoso

L +++ listen  Frederic Chopin
Sonata No.3 in B Minor
3. Largo

L +++ listen  Frederic Chopin
Sonata No.3 in B Minor
4. Finale: Presto non tanto

R e v i e w s :

"American pianist Diana Fanning transported her audience into a scenic paradise." - Suddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

"Miss Fanning projected interpretations of strength and impact." - The New York Times

"Diana Fanning is a brilliant pianist; a natural born musician." - H.C. Robbins Landon

"Diana Fanning's virtuoso playing was rich in nuances ... the effervescent brilliance and passionate sweetness of her playing was acknowledged by sustained applause." - Munchner Merkur, Munich

"Diana Fanning's ability encompasses not only musical empathy but also strength in structuring rhythmically and sonorously." - Suddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

"Diana Fanning's sound achieved impressionistic iridescent intensity; Ravel's painting of sound received its luminosity and character through her virtuoso playing." - Munchner Merkur, Munich

"This American pianist has an excellent balanced technique and possesses the flexibility and pure feeling which all result in pure and noble musicianship." - Haarlem Dagsblad , The Netherlands

"The Vermont Symphony concert was highlighted by the brilliant solo work of Diana Fanning. At once driving and lyrical, her interpretation brings to the concerto all the passion which Schumann must have originally intended." - The Eclipse , Burlington