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ECONOMICS, 5th ed. (2005)
by David Colander

Excerpt from "Preface"

"Imagine... a textbook that people enjoy!" An instructor at a large school in the Midwest e-mailed me that comment just as I began to write this preface. It captures what I believe to be the most distinctive feature of my book- students actually enjoy reading it.
The first edition of Economics was well received; it was, in large part, a standard book in both tone and structure. Students liked it, but it was seen by some as a bit idiosyncratic; it had its own presentation of AS/AD, some novel metaphors, and had significantly more history and information about institutions than most books had.
As I have emphasized in my writing about textbooks there are strong forces pulling all textbooks toward a middle ground, and those forces have affected my book too. In the second and third editions I removed some of the idiosyncrasies while maintaining the voice that appeals to students. This edition continues that process."