Curriculum Vitae


Professional Employment:

Middlebury College, Russian Dept.,
Professor 1983-4, 1985-present
(tenured 1990)

Middlebury College School in the Soviet Union Resident Director 1985-86, 1988-89

University of Virginia, Dept. of Slavic Langs. & Lits. Lecturer 1984-85

Middlebury Russian School, Summer 1984, 1985, 1987, 1992

Cornell University, Dept. of Russian Literature, TA 1982-83

Cornell University, Dept. of Modern Langs. & Linguistics, TA 1980-81

Cornell University, Emphasis on Writing, TA, Summer 1980



Cornell University PhD. in Russian Literature 1984

Pushkin Institute, Moscow, ACTR Ten Month Program 1981-82

Bryn Mawr College, The Russian Language Institute, Summer 1981

Cornell University, Emphasis on Writing, Summer 1980

Graduate Assistant Training, Summer 1980 Program in Modern Foreign Languages

Beograd University History of Art 1977-78

Zagreb University Macalester College Program 1975-76

Norwich University Russian School, Summer 1974

Amherst College BA 1977 (Interdisciplinary: Russian, History, 1973-77)



Russian, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, French, Ancient Greek

Fellowships, Honors

Lillian Robinson Scholar, Simone de Beauvoir Institute 2008

IREX Individual Advanced Research Grant 2007 (Three Gay Films from Former Yugoslavia)

National Endowment for the Humanities 1996 (Translation of Evgenii Kharitonov's Short Fiction)

Social Sciences Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship 1988-90

A. D. White Graduate Fellowship, Cornell 1978-82

Fulbright Scholarship 1977-78 (Beograd, Yugoslavia: History of Medieval Serbian Art

Phi Beta Kappa, Amherst College 1977


Publications (some available as PDF files)

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Middlebury Russian Choir Songbook, Babel, 1988 (Compilation, musical transcription, textual transcription and transliteration of over half the songs).

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The Middlebury Russian Choir: Little Golden Bee (2000)

The Middlebury Russian Choir: Mnogaya Leta / Many Years (1993)



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Bowdoin College & Colby College (ME): "Russian Gay Manifestoes," April, 2002.

AATSEEL Annual Meeting (New Orleans): "Gender Trouble in Karanovic's Virgina," December, 2001.

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Sexualities in Transition (Dubrovnik, Croatia): "From Sworn Virgins to Transvestite Prostitutes: Performing Gender & Sexuality in Two Films from Yugoslavia," June, 2001.

Wesleyan Queer Awareness Days (Middletown, CT): "Who's Renting These Boys? Pornography, Prostitution, and the Straight Male Gaze in Eastern Europe," April, 2001.

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AATSEEL Annual Meeting (San Francisco): "Who's Renting These Boys? Wiktor Grodecki's Czech Hustler Documentaries," Dec., 1998.

OutWrite '98 (Boston) Chair of roundtable "Tongues Untied" on queer writing in translation, Feb., 1998.

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Clifford Symposium (Middlebury College) Building Bridges "Across Nationalities, Across Sexualities," Sept. 17, 1994.

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NEMLA Annual Meeting (Toronto) Chair: "Twentieth-Century Russian Literature," April, 1990.

LGU, 19aia mezhvuzovskaia nauchno-metodicheskaia konferentsiia prepodavatelei i aspirantov: "Byla li Freidenberg marristkoi?" (in absentia), Mar., 1990.

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AAASS Annual Meeting (Asilomar) "A Typology of Embedded Texts in The Brothers Karamazov," Sept., 1981.

Director, Middlebury Russian Choir

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