Tenative Fall 2011 Rush Schedule

Joining a social house is like applying to college. Just a lot more fun. And we don't require SAT scores. But just like every college, every social house has different people and a variety of environments, so choosing the right social house is a crucial step in the rush process.

Which is why we have rush events where you can come and take a look at the house, meet its people, and feel for yourself what the atmosphere is like.

Below is a schedule of events for Rush Week, and further down below you'll find our 4-step program: How to Join KDR.



Monday, Oct. 17th

4:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Battel Beach

Wiffleball, Kickball, and Sundaes
Play some games, eat some ice-cream and get to know the Brothers of Kappa Delta Rho.


Tuesday, Oct. 18th


Rides @ 7:45 pm
Adirondack Circle


Hookah and Cupcakes
Deliciousness of cupcakes followed by ring-blowing skills of Gandalf.


Wednesday, Oct. 19th

9:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Rides @ 9:15 pm
Adirondack Circle


Game Night
Take a study break. Come to the house and show off your talented thumbs and hips. The worthy will have access to both board games and videogames.


Wednesday, Oct. 26th


Coltrane Lounge

Ramen Night
Feed your stomach. Eat


Thursday, Oct. 27th


Rides @ 4:15 pm
Adirondack Circle


Pumpkin Carving and Epic Meal Time
Come have some fun carving pumpkins and grillin’ with the bros as you wind down from a long day’s (or month’s) worth of hard work.



Getting to KDR:


Get a ride!
During rush, we will have rides leaving from Adirondack Circle 10 minutes prior to each rush event. Come to Adirondack Circle at the assigned time, and we will drive you to and back from the rush event.
You can also take a Middride to and from KDR during their hours of operation.

Get directions!
Click here for directions and a campus map that points to KDR



More Info:

E-mail Rush Chairs
Grace Yu gyu@middlebury
Uriel Hernandez uhernandez@middlebury.edu
for more information.



Joining KDR: The 4-step Program



Step 1:

What is rush?
Rush lasts two weeks and is dry. During this time, there are various events such as cookouts and game nights where you get to know the brothers and other rushes. Rushing by no means implies any commitment to join. It is an opportunity for you to decide if KDR is right for you.

Who can rush?
Rush is only for sophomores, second-semester Febs, and upper-classmen. Freshman are not allowed to rush, and will have to wait until their sophomore year. Of course, we welcome anyone interested in joining KDR to come down to hang out. We are always excited to meet new people.

Is there drinking during rush?
KDR rush and pledge events are both dry. No alcohol is consumed during these times.

When is rush?
KDR has a fall and spring rush period that both last for two weeks in the beginning of the semester. For specific dates of the coming semester's rush, keep an eye out for posters on campus and this website.

What happens after rush?
As mandated by the Inter-House Council, you have to attend a minimum of three rush events to submit a bid form. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the people in the house and make an informed decision about joining.



Step 2:

After rush ends, bid forms are submitted to the President of the Inter-House Council (bid forms will be available during rush).

At KDR, we sit down as a brotherhood and discuss every bid. We take our time talking about how we think each person could fit into our house and what kind of brother he or she will be once initiated.

After decisions have been made, the President and Vice President of the house will visit your dorm room and offer a formal bid to you.




Step 3:

What is pledge?
Pledge is the period after a bid is accepted and before initiation into the brotherhood. Typically it lasts for about four weeks.

This period is an opportunity for pledges to get to know the history and workings of the society that they will soon be joining.

This is also a time where pledges get to know each other and other KDR brothers.

Is there hazing during pledge?
No. Both the National Fraternity of KDR and Middlebury College have a strict anti-hazing policy. Hazing is also a violation of Vermont law.

Is there drinking during pledge?
As with all rush and pledge events for social houses at Middlebury College, pledge is a completely dry event. Furthermore, KDR strongly adheres to the belief that a dry pledge helps promote stronger bonds amongst pledges and with brothers.


Step 4:

What is initiation?
Initiation is a traditional ceremony marking a pledge's entrance into the brotherhood.

When is initiation?
Initiation occurs upon the successful completion of pledge.