Address 48 South Street
Middlebury, VT 05753
Phone 802-443-5759  


President Raymond Queliz
Webmaster Mwaki Harri Magotswi




Call Midd Rides 802.443.7433
And ask to be dropped at KDR
For Freshman New to Campus? Get directions to KDR events from your freshman dorm.




KDR is located near the Dragone Track & Field Complex off of South Street.

1) To get to KDR, walk towards the CFA parking lot.
2) Enter the CFA parking lot from the main entrance on Rt. 30
3) Pass Porter House on your left, and keep following the road until you arrive at the parking lot.
4) Take your first left, and keep following the road.
5) At the end of the parking lot, take another left.
6) The Dragone Track should be on your right, with a line of trees on your left.
7) Follow this all the way down the street. You will see KDR on your left at the very end.


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