Russians in America: The Third Wave

  Vasily Aksyonov/Василий Аксенов


Undoubtedly one of the major figures of the emigration. Aksyonov who had achieved fame in the Soviet Union in the 1960s was deprived of his Soviet citizenship after publishing in the almanac Metropol' (Метрополь) that appeared first in Russia and then abroad under the auspices of Ardis without official approval. Aksyonov would live and teach and lecture in the United States until his triumphant return to Russia. He now maintains places in Moscow and Biarritz France. He has several books about the United States.


Aksyonov notes that "In Search of Melancholy Baby is the story of my emigration, alienation, and gradual acceptance of a new home." (21). Ironically Aksyonov would be one of the major writers to re-integrate himself into Russian life, while still enjoying the benefits of living periodically in the West.


There is little need to document his long and fascinating career here, or to list his works. There are a number of sites, with links provided, that can effectively cover the writer. Aksyonov corresponds with Popovsky (Box 1, 1) and writes of his time in Vermont during the summer of 1984.

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