RU152-20th Cent. Russian Literature


20th Century Russian Literature

Spring Semester 2002

Course Requirements

Composition of Grades

Course Requirements

Students are expected to be active instruments in their own learning.

All work submitted for the course should reflect independent individual effort. If you have consulted sources or individuals you must properly credit their assistance. Failure to give credit when and where it is due is Plagiarism.

As partners in our learning community you are expected to attend all classes and complete all work on time.

All work should represent your very finest effort.

All reading must be completed before the beginning of each class. As you read you should keep your thoughts, observations, questions and comments on sheets of loose-leaf paper to be kept in a binder which you bring to class for every meeting. Write at least one question at the end of each page to serve as a discussion question for the entire class. (While these thoughts are personal, they are not private!)

Before each class you must complete the "How does a story mean?" form. The completed form should be sent in the body of an e-mail message to me ( before 6:00 PM on the day of class. You should also bring a hard copy to class with you for reference. This one to two page entry must answer all the questions. You may answer the broad topics (characterization, action, point of view, etc.) either in short single complete sentences or in a summary paragraph.


Composition of Grades

If you read all the works on time, submit all the formal journal entries on time, attend and participate actively in each class, you can expect a grade of B or better. The "better" depends upon clear demonstration of exceptional effort and care in your work. Missing or late assignments result in a half grade reduction. Missed classes result in a full grade reduction.



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