20th Century Russian Literature

How Does a Story Mean?

In twenty five words or less answer the following questions about the reading: Who? What? Where? When? Why?


Who are the main characters?

How does the author develop the characters?

How do the major and minor characters function in the work?

Are the characters and their actions or thoughts believable?

Why has the author presented the characters in this way?



What are the chief dramatic incidents?

Where and when does the action take place?

What is the central conflict and how is it resolved?

How are the conflict and its resolution presented?

How has the author arranged the chief dramatic incidents?

Why (what is the effect) were these events chosen?

Why were they arranged in this way?


Point of View

What is the author's/narrator's point of view?

What is the effect on the reader?



Does the use of language draw attention to itself?

What are some distinctive language features of the work?

Are there metaphors, similes?

Other instances of "literary" devices?


Symbolism? Give examples.

What words or phrases are repeated?



What is the theme?

Message or moral


Is there an obvious message or moral to the work. What is it?