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The Gay & Lesbian Slavists Caucus is an informal community of scholars. We Slavists have been behind our colleagues in other languages as far as women's studies are concerned, to say nothing of queer theory! In part this has to do with the target culture, as well as with the dominance of more conservative emigre Russians in the field. For years the only serious scholarly work in Russian gay studies was that of Prof. Simon Karlinsky, who began writing about gay topics in the 70s. At professional meetings we had cocktail parties for gay Slavists, but they were by invitation only and word of mouth. Papers on gay or lesbian topics were few and far between.

It was only in 1992 that we initiated the first panels on alternative sexualities in Russia and Eastern Europe, first at AATSEEL, then at AAASS and began advertising our cocktail hours openly.

**We now have a listserv for GLBT scholars in Slavic: glsc-list, housed at Middlebury.**

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