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Luc Beaudoin
Dept. of Langs. and Lits.
U of Denver
2040 S. Race St.
Denver, CO 80208-2662
(303) 871-2609
FAX:(303) 871-4555


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Relevant publications in press:

Iconographic Homoeroticism in the Russian Silver Age (Yale UP, Stephanie Sandler, ed., due 1999)
The Masculine Utopia in Russian Pornography (forthcoming, Moscow)

Relevant courses taught: Alternate Sexualities in (Russian) Literature (Winter 1995, Spring 1998)

Relevant Research interests: homoerotic poetics

Julie A. Cassiday
Department of German and Russian
Williams College
Williamstown MA 01267
(413)597-2268 office
(413)597-3028 fax



Relevant publications (on gender and sexual politics, more or less): "From Nevsky Prospect to 'Zoia's Apartment': Trials of the Russian Procuress," co-authored with Leyla Rouhi, The Russian Review 58 (July 1999): 413-31.

Interests: Russian drama and theater (especially in the 18th and 20th centuries), theatricality and culture, fallen women in Russian literature.

Vitaly A. Chernetsky
Assistant Professor, Department of Slavic Languages
Columbia University




Essays on Evgenii Kharitonov and Vasilii Rozanov, Gay and Lesbian Literature, vol. 2 (Detroit: St. James Press, 1998).
"The Body Politic: Emergent Gay Writings" (an introductory essay and translations of selections by contemporary Russian gay poets [Aleksandr Anashevich, Evgenii Kharitonov, Sergei Kruglov, Dmitrii Kuz'min, Yaroslav Mogutin, Aleksei Purin, Aleksandr Shatalov, Dmitrii Volchek]), in John High and Thomas Epstein, eds., Closing the Millenium: Russian Postmodern Poetry at the End of the Twentieth Century (Jersey City: Talisman Press, forthcoming Spring 1999).
Translations of poetry by Mikhail Lermontov, Viacheslav Ivanov, Sergei Esenin, Riurik Ivnev, Valerii Pereleshin, Yaroslav Mogutin, Dmitrii Bushuev and Dmitrii Kuz'min, prose by Georgii Ivanov, Yaroslav Mogutin and Dmitrii Bushuev, in Kevin Moss, ed., Out of the Blue: Russia's Hidden Gay Literature, An Anthology (San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1997).


December 1993 "Evgenii Kharitonov: A Different Voice in the Soviet Postmodern," AATSEEL Annual Meeting, Toronto
December 1994 "In the Shadow of Rozanov: Constructions of Desire in Evgenii Kharitonov's Texts," AATSEEL Annual Meeting, San Diego
December 1994 "After the House Arrest: Gays on the Contemporary Russian Literary Scene," MLA Annual Convention, San Diego
December 1995 "Queer Identities in Contemporary Russian Writing," AATSEEL Annual Meeting, Chicago
June 1996 "After Evgenii Kharitonov: Constructions of Sexuality in Contemporary Russian Writing," Gender and Sexuality in Russian Civilization, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
September 1998 "Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Postcolonial Ukrainian Writing," AAASS Annual Convention, Boca Raton


Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Russian and East European Writing (Fall 1998)
Exploring East European Identities Through Literature and Film (Spring 1997, Fall 1998)

RELEVANT RESEARCH INTERESTS: contemporary Russian and East European gay literature and culture; Ukrainian gay and lesbian literature and culture; constructions of gender and sexuality in their interplay with constructions of national identity in 20th-century Russian and East European culture

John DeSantis
Russian and Slavic Studies Bibliographer
Dartmouth College
HB 6025
Hanover, NH 03755
Ph. 603-646-0413


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Relevant publications

"A Brief History of the ALA Book Award" in Lambda Book Report, Jan. 1999
_Gay and Lesbian Materials in the Amherst College Library_ (1994)
Translations from Czech: Rene Wellek's "International Congress of Philosophy" and "Shklovsky's Theory of Prose" in Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature 44 (1996)

Relevant papers

"Coming Out in Libraries", presented at the 1997 Canadian Library Association

Relevant Research interests

gay and lesbian topics in Library of Congress subject headings

Dan Healey
Lecturer in History
Department of History
University of Wales Swansea
Swansea, Wales
SA2 8PP United Kingdom



Relevant publications

"Homosexual Existence and Existing Socialism: New Light on the Repression of Male Homosexuality in Stalin's Russia," GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 8, 3 (2002): 349-78.

"Ol'ga Zhuk, Russkie Amazonki: Istoriia lesbiiskoi subkul'tury v Rossii XX vek, [review essay]" Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History, 3, 2 (2002): 362-68.

"Sexual and Gender Dissent: Homosexuality as Resistance in Stalin's Russia" in Contending with Stalinism: Soviet Power and Popular Resistance in the 1930s. Ed. Lynne Viola (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2002).

Russian Masculinities in History and Culture (Basingstoke & New York: Palgrave, 2002). Jointly edited with Barbara Evans Clements and Rebecca Friedman.

Homosexual Desire in Revolutionary Russia: The Regulation of Sexual and Gender Dissent (Chicago & London: University of Chicago Press, 2001).

"Unruly Identities: Soviet Psychiatry Confronts the Female Homosexual of the 1920s" in Gender in Russian History and Culture, ed. Linda Edmondson (Basingstoke & New York: Palgrave, 2001), pp. 116-38.

"Masculine Purity and 'Gentlemen's Mischief': Sexual Exchange and Prostitution between Russian Men, 1861-1941," Slavic Review, 60, 2 (2001): 233-65.

"Moscow" in Queer Sites: Gay Men's Urban Histories ed. David Higgs, London: Routledge, 1999.

"Evgeniia/Evgenii: Queer Case Histories in the First Years of Soviet Power", Gender & History, n. 1 (1997)

"The Russian Revolution and the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality", Revolutionary Russia, 6:1 (1993).

Relevant papers

"No Age of Consent? Soviet Medicine and the Problems of Marriage Age and Sexual Maturity" AAASS, Washington DC, November 2001.

"Man or Woman? Hermaphroditism as a Problem in Tsarist and Soviet Medicine" European Social Science History Conference, April 2000.

Relevant Research interests

Same-sex eros in all forms in Russia & USSR; forensic medicine; psychiatry; sex crime & jurisprudence of sex offenses in USSR; history of masculinity especially as reinforced in Russian and Soviet medical discourses.

Victor A. Friedman
Professor of Slavic and Balkan Linguistics
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
University of Chicago
1130 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL 6067


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Kevin Moss
Russian Dept.
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753
tel: (802) 443-5786
fax: (802) 443-5394


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Relevaant publications

Ed. and trans., Out of the Blue: Russia's Hidden Gay Literature. San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1997
"The Underground Closet: Political and Sexual Dissidence in Eastern Europe," in Ellen E. Berry, ed., Genders 22: Postcommunism and the Body Politic (1995), 229-251.
trans., Evgeny Kharitonov, "One Boy's Story: 'How I Got Like That'" in Mark Mitchell, ed., The Penguin Book of International Gay Writing (NY: Viking, 1995), 366-71.
Heather MacDonald, Kitchen Talk, USSR and Kiev Blue, The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review, 22, No. 1 (1995), 96-99.
Another Way (Egymásra nézve), Slavic Review, Vol. 51, No. 3 (Fall, 1992), 564-65.

Relevant papers:

AATSEEL Annual Meeting (San Francisco): "Who's Renting These Boys? Wiktor Grodecki's Czech Hustler Documentaries," Dec., 1998.
OutWrite '98 (Boston) Chair of roundtable "Tongues Untied" on queer writing in translation, Feb., 1998.
AATSEEL Annual Meeting (Toronto): "War's a Drag: Constructing Sexualities in Zelimir Zilnik's 'Marble Ass,'" Dec., 1997.
AAASS Annual Meeting (Seattle): "The Politics of Gay Identity in Eastern Europe," Nov., 1997.
Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies and University Triangle Association, University of Texas, Austin: "Coming Out in Russia and Eastern Europe" October, 1997.
Smith College: "Gay in Russia & Eastern Europe: Identity Politics and the Politics of Identity" April, 1997.
George Washington University: "Russia's Hidden Gay Literature" February, 1997.
Harriman Institute and the Institute on East Central Europe at Columbia University: "Are There Gays in Eastern Europe?" December, 1996.
AAASS Annual Meeting (Boston) "Russian Gay Journals: Hard Facts and Soft Porn" Nov., 1996.
University of California at Berkeley, Slavic Colloquium: "Imagined Communities: Are There Gay People in Eastern Europe?" May, 1996.
International Conference on Homosexuality (Ljubljana, Slovenia): "Queer Nationalism" August, 1995.
AATSEEL Annual Meeting (San Diego) "Queering the Author: Homophobia and Iudophobiia in Kharitonov" and Roundtable: "Roman Viktiuk and Gay Theater" Dec. 1994.
AAASS Annual Meeting (Philadelphia) Roundtable: "Russian Sexualities: Literary Representations," Nov., 1994.
AAASS Annual Meeting (Honolulu) "Political and Sexual Dissidence in Károly Makk's Another Way," and Roundtable: "Golubye i rozovye: Gay and Lesbian Life in Russia," Nov., 1993.
AATSEEL Annual Meeting (New York) "What's Cooking in Kharitonov's Dukhovka?" Dec., 1992.

Tim Scholl
Associate Professor of Russian
Director, Oberlin Center for Russian, East European, & Central Asian Studies
Oberlin College
Oberlin, OH 44074
Phone: 440 775 8920
Fax: 440 775 6355


home page:

Denis M. Sweet (Associate Professor of German)
Dept. of German, Russian and East Asian Languages and Literatures
Bates College
Lewiston, ME 04240


Most recent publications:

"Renegade Lit: Gay Writing at the End of Socialist East Germany," in Queering the Canon: Defying Sights in German Literatures and Culture 1999
"Die DEFA und ihre 'anderen': Heiner Carows Coming Out als coming out der 'anderen,' Film und Fernsehen, 1/1998
"Bodies for Germany, Bodies for Socialism: The German Democratic Republic Devises a Gay (Male) Body," in Gender and Germanness: Cultural Productions of Nation 1997

Papers on relevant gay topics :

AATSEEL, 1998; New Hampshire Symposium, 1998; NEMLA, 1998; AAASS, 1997; University of Massachusetts conference on East German film, 1997; Humboldt University queer studies conference in Berlin, 1997; Lambda Rising Queer Studies conference at the University of Colorado, 1997; Queer Graduate Studies conference at the City University of New York, 1997; Coalition of Women in German (WiG) conference, 1996; NEMLA, 1996

Courses taught:

Germany and Its 'Others'


Eighteenth century and the Enlightenment, cultural criticism centering on sexual politics and the functions of ideology, the GDR and post-Communist societies

Anatoly Vishevsky


Relevant publications

"The Other among Us: Homosexuality in Recent Russian Literature." Slavic and Eastern European Journal 42, no. 4 (Winter 1998): 723-729.
"The Prisoner of the Caucasus" by V. Makanin. Translation in collaboration with Michael Biggins in the anthology, Out of the Blue: Russia's Hidden Gay Literature (Gay Sunshine Press: San Francisco, 1997), 263-288.
"Lays of the Gay Slavs" by S. Rybikov .Translation in collaboration with Michael Biggins in the anthology, Out of the Blue: Russia's Hidden Gay Literature (Gay Sunshine Press: San Francisco, 1997), 334-341.

Relevant papers

"Gay Themes and Straight Writers: A Flirtation or a Serious Relationship?" Annual meeting of AAASS, Boston, November, 1996.

Research interests: contemporary Russian gay literature and culture, gay culture of the Silver age

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