In the center of Saturn is "aei"; "aya" is a -- century*; rearrangements of the pre-consonant world sound like: "iao" the sound "Yahweh"; "eia" is -- ovarian (Eier -- æggs [yaytsa]); inside the egg being heated by the warmth, the consonants are ripening: "a-e-i-r" is aer (air); and "eiar" is "blood"; blood and the sounds of air are -- one in the primogenital warmth of the world of the throat; gradations emerge by an upward movement: wi-we-wa-wo-wu (éwiwo, ewi, awe, awa, owa, owu).

The sounds mutter warmth to us: hail, æternal life (Ave "ewige" Eva); in her -- I am alive (vivo); in the ægg (ova, ovum) you give birth, Eve -- to Jove [iove] (the genitive case of "Iovis" signifies Jupiter), to the father (ava, avva, or avv, abbat), the world of much latter sounds is: hail, æternally age-old life, which from the aegg gave birth to Jove, to the Father: as I am born in him, I live.

The sounds of "r" supplement wir-wer-war-wor-wur; "wir" is a warm "whirl" [vir]; "wer" is the worm of time ("wer" and time [vremya]); "war" is -- "warm water" [var] or warmth; "war" is "warm"; "wur" is "wurm," or "Wur": or "Uhr": "Uhr" is -- the Beginning; "Uhr" is -- the Sky: Uranus.

The sounds "hr" or "rh" are the sounds of temporality: Chronos, arche, hora, heure; "hr" is -- heroism, dominion ("Herr, hero"); "chr" is -- screeching and a scream: the suffocation of Uranus by his progeny Chronos.

* In Sanskrit.