aya Sanskrit "century" Bely's note.

Yahweh The Russian [YAgve] for the tetragrammaton, the four letters representing the name of God. Yahweh find the Hebrew

ovarian. A Bely neologism? Russian [yaynosti]

Eier &emdash; aeggs. German for eggs. I have attempted to preserve the connections of aeternal and aeggs by using the old English spelling "æg." (OED, I, 197). Cf. Pokorny (1, 783).

aer Latin

eiar ?

primogenital Russian [pervorodnyj]. The Russian has the root "rod."

Ave Latin "hail, long live, be well." OED I, 815. For the connections between life, health, ave, heil, etc. see under the root *guei (Pokorny I, 467).

ewige German "eternal."

Eva=Eve. In the Book of Genesis God "...made he a woman." (2.22) from the rib of Adam (man). "...she shall be called Woman,..." (2.23). It is not until Book 4 that we encounter the name: "Now Adam knew Eve his wife." (4.1).

ova, ovum Pokorny (I, 783-784) *o(u)i - om Ei [egg]

vivo Latin "I live"

Oivis (Jovis) Latin Jove

Jupiter Also known as Jove is the father of Saturn.

father (ava, avva, or avv, abbat) The Aramaic abba "father" was retained in the Greek text of the New Testament OED I, 14.

abbat version of abbot See OED, I, 14.

wir German "we"

wer German "who"

war German "was"

warm German "warm"

wurm German "Wurm" is "worm."


Uhr German has, of course, Uhr "hour, time" and Ur- meaning "very old, the original." This latter is, however,most likely derived from (her)aus, i.e. coming from. Here is another "poetic" connection and association across languages and roots. Cf. Steiner, Occult Science (131) on the subject of time.

Uranos Uranus is the father murdered by his own son, Chronos.

Chronos Greek Xronos "time." Also Cronos or Kronus, is the youngest son of Uranus and Gaia. He helps his mother by castrating his father. When he becomes the ruler of the world, he marries his sister Rhea. She will deliver Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Pluto, and Poseidon, all who are consumed by the father. Rhea also gives birth to Zeus. Kronus is sometimes identified with Saturn, Bely finds, as did the Greeks themselves, a natural sound affinity between chronus-time and Kronus who is sometimes Time Personified. (Bely needs the chr combination for later association with Christ.)

arche Greek "beginning"

hora Latin "hour"

heure French "hour"

hero Greek "eros," Latin "heros"

progeny Russian [porozhdenie] Another Russian occurrence of the root [rod] [rozhd].

suffocation Russian [udushenie] The Russian word includes the root for "breath/spirit."