Research Interests


My research interests are in the areas of surficial geology and low-temperature mineralogy/geochemistry, especially as applied to tropical soils and fractured rock aquifers. Research methods include field work, XRD, SEM-EDS, XRF, ICPMS, TEM, FTIR and other complementary methods of major and trace element analysis. I also wrote a textboox (Environmental and Low-Temperature Geochemistry) that was published in 2014 by Wiley with a 2nd edition in 2019. An errata sheet for the 1st edition is availabe here pdf


Research Papers (* = student co-author)


  • Ryan, P.C., Alvarado, G.E., McCanta, M., Barca, M*, Davis, G*., 2022. The importance of overbank deposits and paleosol analyses for comprehensive volcanic hazard evaluation: the case of Holocene volcanism at Miravalles Volcano, Costa Rica. Nat Hazards 112, 413–449.

  • Munroe JS, Ryan PC, Proctor A*, 2021. Pedogenic clay formation from allochthonous parent materials in a periglacial alpine critical zone. Catena 203, 105324.

  • Munroe, J.S., Norris, E.D.*, Olson, P.M.*, Ryan, P.C., Tappa, M.J., Beard, B.L., 2020. Quantifying the contribution of dust to alpine soils in the periglacial zone of the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA. Geoderma 378, 114631.

  • Ryan, P.C., Huertas, F.J., Pincus, L.N.*, Painter, W.*, 2020. Arsenic-bearing serpentine group minerals: Mineral synthesis with insights for the arsenic cycle. Clays and Clay Minerals 67, 488-506. DOI: 10.1007/s42860-019-00040-1.

  • Armfield, J., Perdrial, J., Gagnon, A., Ehrenkranz, J., Perdrial, N., Cincotta, M., Ross, D., Shanley, J., Underwood, K., Ryan, P.C., 2018. Does stream water composition at Sleepers River in Vermont reflect dynamic changes in soils during recovery from acidification? Frontiers in Earth Science 6: 246. doi: 10.3389/feart.2018.00246.

  • Van Hoesen, J., Arriaza, B., Ryan, P.C., Grady, C.M.*, 2018. A multi-analytical approach for identifying a manganese source for the black pigment of the Chinchorro mortuary palette. Geoarcheology DOI:10.1002/gea.21713.

  • Pincus, L.N.*, Ryan, P.C., Huertas, F.J., Alvarado, G.E., 2017. The influence of soil age and regional climate on clay mineralogy and cation exchange capacity of moist tropical soils: A case study from Late Quaternary chronosequences in Costa Rica. Geoderma 308, 130-148.

  • Ryan, P.C., Huertas, F.J., Hobbs, F.C.*, Pincus, L.N.*, 2016. Kaolinite and halloysite derived from sequential transformation of pedogenic smectite and kaolinite-smectite in a 120 ka tropical soil chronosequence. Clays and Clay Minerals, 64, 488–516.

  • Kim J.J., Comstock J., Ryan P.C., Heindel C., Koenigsberger S.*, 2016. Denitrification and dilution along fracture flowpaths influence the recovery of a bedrock aquifer from nitrate contamination. Science of the Total Environment 569–570, 450–468.

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  • Munroe J.S., Ryan P.C., Carlson H.A.*, and Miller E.K., 2008, Testing Latest Wisconsinan Ice Flow Directions in Vermont through Quantitative X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Soil Mineralogy. Northeastern Geology and Environmental Sciences, 29(4): 263-275. pdf

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  • Fisher GB*, Ryan PC. 2006. The smectite to disordered kaolinite transition in a tropical soil chronosequence, Pacific Coast, Costa Rica. Clays & Clay Minerals 54, 571-586. pdf
    Click here for topographic map of Esterillos Terraces sample sites.

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