Several organizations have either sprung up in response to CUs or weighed in on them. Someday, everyone will look back and cringe and say "what were they thinking?" just as sensible people already do.

Take it to the People: TIP was the first organization to work against the same-sex marriage movement. They're led by Michelle Cummings, a housewife with absolutely no qualifications to say anything about gay marriage at all (guess what all these groups have in common?). Read it and weep or laugh.

Who Would Have Thought: They don't seem to have a website, alas. Probably not intelligent enough. Led by Steve Cable, an insurance salesmen, they spread lies about homosexuality and conduct seminars about how homosexuals can change, etc... But they don't take questions -- the audience has to sit silently and listen to the slanderous propaganda. Mostly recycled from the morons at Family Research Council and Focus on the Family.

For the Children: In the wake of CUs some bigots decided to go after Outright Vermont, a gay youth service organization. Here again, the level of ignorance is phenomenal! I've cached their deconstruction of the Heterosexual Questionnaire because it shows just how stupid they are: they apparently don't even get that it's a parody!

Bishop Angell: Sorry, but the Catholic Bishop has also been meddling in politics and making outrageous claims. Jesus, he says, would vote for him and against Civil Unions. There's even a video where they talk about civil rights and protecting the weak! Put your money where your mouth is, Bishop!

Robert Baral: Apparently running for the VT House as a GOP candidate. Anti-homosexual rants and a Confederate flag (always popular in VT!

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