Welcome to KirbyCalculator.net! Below is a little preview of the "Kirby Calculator" software currently under development by Frank Swenton of Middlebury College. If you use Kirby diagrams in your research or teaching and are interested in having some input on the direction of the project, please send me an e-mail at fswenton@middlebury.edu!


A pre-release alpha version of the software is now available to try; remarks and the download link are available here.

Below are some examples below showing the software's capabilities at this [pre-alpha] stage in its development; click any of the framesets below to view the corresponding video on YouTube.

Example 1 Introduces the basics of the program's interface (3 minutes, 9 seconds):
Example 1 on YouTube

Example 2 shows a few more of the manipulations possible with the software (7 minutes, 16 seconds):
Example 2 on YouTube

Example 3 is a bit more terse, showing just how quickly and easily manipulations can be done (1 minute, 19 seconds):
Example 3 on YouTube

Example 4 shows an explicit handle-slide across a (-4)-framed handle (3 minute, 42 seconds):
Example 4 on YouTube