Pre-release version 0.1a

This alpha version of the Kirby Calculator is now available for download here, in .zip format. The faster your machine, the better, but the software should run on any Windows XP system or better with a reasonable amount of memory (2gb or so). For now, simply unzip the file into a folder, which will contain the program (KC.exe) and a few support files; there's no installer as yet, so just run the executable in the folder and you're off!

Being an alpha version, there is no user's guide yet (see the posted YouTube demos), and the interface and functionality of the program are still fairly rough. However, some basic features are already available, including:
A few notes on the the software's limitations and future features are below. Please note that the core computational code for the manipulation of Kirby diagrams is entirely discrete and much more solid than the user interface; any issues that you observe with the program's behavior are byproducts of the interface, not the core code's ability to perform the operations (indeed, some Kirby diagram manipulations are not yet implemented, merely because they haven't been introduced into the user interface). Please let me know of any bugs you find, as eventually they'll all need to be eliminated (fswenton at middlebury dot edu); I've done a first pass on checking that it runs reasonably smoothly, but this is only an alpha-version of the software. Additionally, if you try out the software and think of things that you'd like it to do that I haven't mentioned below, please let me know—I'd be happy to hear your feedback! I can't promise any timeframe for turnaround on requests, but I will gather all requests that come in and keep them on my list for future development.