With a joint appointment in the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences and the Environmental Studies Program, I teach courses and advise senior research projects in both areas. The focus of my teaching and research here at Middlebury is environmental geology, geochemistry, hydrology and soils and chemical weathering; areas of research emphasis include the mineralogy and geochemistry of tropical soils and the origins, fate and transport of trace metals and other contaminants in fractured rock aquifers.


  • Early Holocene fluvial sediments and soil profile, Esterillos, Costa Rica
  • Groundwater monitoring well, north-central Vermont
  • Ordovician K-bentonite, Lake Champlain


Images from left to right:


A. Early Holocene fluvial sediments, Esterillos, Costa Rica

B. Groundwater monitoring well, north-central Vermont

C. Ordovician K-bentonite, Lake Champlain