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Some Research In Progress

“Trust and Redistributive Preferences: A Reappraisal,” with Hyeon-Seok
(Tom) Yu

“Auctions for Charity: The Curse of the Familiar,” with Jeff Carpenter and Damian Damianov

"A Comprehensive Evaluation of Charity Auctions," with Jeff Carpenter

"(Ir)responsible Majorities: Partisan Composition and Expressive Voting," with Andrea Robbett

“A Model of Capitalist Culture and the Business Cycle”

“Reputation and Labor Market Power in a Simple Model of Endogenous Preferences”

Some Published Research (Since 2010)

"Choice Architecture Improves Consumer Financial Decision-Making and Welfare," with Jeffrey Carpenter, Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, Andrea Robbett, Dustin Beckett and Julian Jamison, forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics

"Preferences and Civil War in Northern Uganda: Post-Traumatic Growth Reconsidered" with Matthew Lowes and Jeff Carpenter, forthcoming, Journal of African Economies

“The Dialectics of Differentiation,” forthcoming,
Review of Social Economy.

"Income Inequality and Environmental Policy: Evidence From The Clean Air Act," with Akshaya Jha and Nicholas Muller,
American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 109 (May 2019): 271-276.

“The Distribution of Income Is Worse Than You Think,” with Nicholas Muller and Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon,
PLoS ONE, 13 (3) 2018: e0192461.
Popular: “Breathing Inequality: Air Pollution Widens the Gap Between the ‘Two Pittsbughs’,” with Nicholas Muller, Pittsbugh Post-Gazette, 19 May 2018.)

"Expressive Voting and Partisan Bias," with Andrea Robbett,
Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 157 (January 2018): 107-120.
(Public lecture reviewed (in Finnish) as “
Mielenosoituksia äänestyskopissa,Yliopisto-Lehti, January 2018.)

"Compensating Differentials in Experimental Labor Markets," with Jeff Carpenter and Andrea Robbett,
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Vol. 69 (August 2017): 50-60.

“Using Raffles to Fund Public Goods: Lessons From a Field Experiment,”
Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 150 (2017): 30-38.

“Ceding Control: An Experimental Analysis of Participatory Management,” with Jeff Carpenter and Phil Mellizo, Journal of the Economic Science Association, Vol. 3, No. 1 (July 2017): 62-74.

“Progressive Taxation in a Tournament Economy,” with Jeff Carpenter and Benjamin Tabb,
Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 143 (2016): 64–72

“Revenue Implications of Strategic and External Auction Risk,” with Andrea Robbett and Michael Graham,
Games (2016) 7(1) 5. (Special Issue: Game Theortic Analyses of Multi-Sided Markets).

“Bucket Auctions for Charity,” with Jeff Carpenter and Jessica Holmes,
Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 88 (November 2014): 260-276.

“Workplace Democracy in the Lab,” with Jeff Carpenter and Phil Mellizo,
Industrial Relations Journal, Vol. 45, No. 4 (July 2014): 313-328.

“Crying Over Spilt Milk: Sunk Costs, Fairness and the Hold-Up Problem,” with Jeff Carpenter,
Studies in Microeconomics, Vol. 1, No. 2 (December 2013): 113-130.

“Norm Enforcement: Anger, Indignation or Reciprocity?” with Jeff Carpenter,
Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 10, No. 3 (June 2012): 555-572.
[Mentioned in “Citizen Enforcers Take Aim,” The New York Times, October 6, 2008.]

“Jumping and Sniping the Silents: Does It Matter For Charities?” with Jeff Carpenter and Jessica Holmes,
Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 95, Nos. 5-6 (2011): 395-402.

“Endogenous Participation in Charity Auctions,” with Jeff Carpenter and Jessica Holmes,
Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 94, Nos. 11-12 (2010): 921-935.

“Charity Auctions in the Experimental Lab,” with Jeff Carpenter and Jessica Holmes, forthcoming in Mark Isaac and Douglas Norton, editors, Research in Experimental Economics, Volume 13.

“Tournaments and Office Politics: Evidence from a Real Effort Experiment,” with Jeff Carpenter and John Schirm, American Economic Review, Vol. 100, No. 1 (March 2010): 504-517.

“Norm Enforcement: The Role of Third Parties,” with Jeff Carpenter,
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Vol. 166, No. 2 (2010): 239-258.