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Vermont, first state to ban slavery, is at the cutting edge again! The civil union law has now gone through the House, the Senate, and the House again and been signed by Gov. Dean. Most parts go into effect July 3, 2000, insurance aspects take effect Jan. 1, 2001.

This recognition has not gone unnoticed by the religious right. Check out my IDIOTS PAGE for some of their bigoted and ignorant arguments.

The Vermont Guide to Civil Unions (prepared by our Secretary of State)

Supreme Court ruling in Baker v. State

H847 Civil Unions Bill as introduced

H847 Civil Unions Bill as passed

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Burlington Free Press Coverage

Out in the Mountains

Freedom to Marry Action Committee

Ernie's report on the hearing Jan. 25 at the VT Statehouse

Some of my thoughts and editorial letters

What you can do

What if my partner is from another country?

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