Travels with the Wee Ernster

USA & Canada 1996

Greece 1997

Russia 1998

North Carolina


France 2000

Amsterdam 2000

Ireland/Scotland 2001

Yugoslavia/Prague/Budapest 2001

Montreal 2002

New Orleans 2002

Italy 2004

Poland, Russia, North Carolina 2004-5

Puerto Rico, NC, 2006

Here's the Wee Ernster on our balcony in San Francisco. That's Noe Valley, with the Castro just over the hill.

On our way up the coast: dunes of Oregon, with the Big E in the background.

On the Ferry to Victoria, BC.

Here's the Wee Ernster driving through the Canadian Rockies.

For scale: can you find the Wee Ernster in Glacier National Park, Montana?

Home again in Middlebury. He certainly looks happy!

More adventures: the Wee Ernster Does Greece!
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