KLO (Knot-Like Objects) software, version 0.979 alpha

As we're approaching version 1.0, we're changing domains to KLO-Software.net, which is where all future downloads will be posted, with new versions announced on the blog KLO-Software.blogspot.com. Download links are below, followed by some preliminary instructions and links to demo videos on YouTube.

Windows installation: Put the contents of the .zip file containing the executable and required runtimes into a folder, and run KLO.exe.
Mac OS X installation: The application bundle (with all required runtimes) is available as a disk image for OS X on 64-bit Intel systems.

Overview of basic features:

First example: drawing a Kirby diagram and performing some basic Kirby moves.
Second example...
Improved circle-packing and 1-handles
Knot invariants and export of figures as printable PDF's
Surgery diagrams and more exports