Some Useful Links for Hiking and Peak-Bagging


New Hampshire 4000-footer Club (member since 1983)

Adirondack 46'ers (completed all 46 peaks 8/25/2004!)

Views from the Top (excellent trip reports and trail conditions, especially useful for info on ADK trailless peaks)

Colorado 14'ers (Climbed a few of these - Geography and middle age hinder my ability to do more!)

Viewsandbrews A rather unique peak-bagging organization - haven't tried this one, but sounds like fun!

If anybody really cares, here is my poorly formatted "life list" of peaks climbed:


Pine Cobble Mt., MA early-60's*
Mt. Beacon, NY mid-60's
Shenandoah Mt., NY late-60's*
Mt. Wilcox, MA (On Appalachian Trail) 1972*
Slide Mt., NY 1974 (1st 4000-footer!)
Elephant Back Mt., (Yellowstone)WY 1976*,**
Mt. Washburn, WY (Yellowstone) 1976* (1st 10,000-footer!)
Electric Peak, WY (Yellowstone) 1977
Topnotch Mt., WY (Yellowstone) 1977

Mt. Sheridan WY (Yellowstone) 1977
Grand Teton, WY 1977
Avalanche Pk., WY (Yellowstone) 1977
Mt Everts WY (Yellowstone) 1978
Mt. Cube, , NH*,** 1979
Smarts Mt. , NH* 1980
Black Mt., NH
Adams, NH*,** 1980
Bond, NH
Bondcliff, NH
Guyot, NH
Bond, West, NH
Cabot, NH
Cannon, NH*
Cardigan, NH*
Carrigain, NH
Carter Dome, NH
Carter, Middle , NH
Carter, South, NH
Chocorua , NH**
Eisenhower , NH**
Field , NH
Flume, NH
Galehead, NH
Garfield , NH
Hale, NH
Hancock, North, NH
Hancock, South, NH
Isolation , NH 1983
Jackson, NH
Jefferson, NH*
Kinsman, North, NH*,**
Kinsman, South, NH
Lafayette, NH*
Liberty, NH
Lincoln, NH*
Little Haystack, NH*
Madison, NH
Moosilauke , NH*,**
Monroe, NH
Moriah, NH
Mt. Washington, NH*
Osceola, NH *
Osceola, East, NH
Owls Head, NH
Passaconaway, NH*
Pierce/Clinton, NH*,**
Techumseh , NH
Tom, NH
Tripyramid, Middle, NH
Tripyramid, North, NH
Twin, North , NH
Twin, South
Waumbek, NH
Whiteface, NH*
Wildcat A, NH
Wildcat E, NH
Willey, NH
Zealand, NH

Penobscott Mountain (ME) 1982

Sargent Mountain (ME) 1982

Sunset Mt, UT 1984*
Mt. Timpanogos, UT 1984*
White Baldy, UT 1984
Dromedary peak, UT 1984
Grandview Mt, UT 1986
Mt Raymond, UT 1986
MonteCristo Peak, UT 1985
Pfeifferhorn, UT 1984*

Chipman Peak, UT 1984
Lone Peak, UT 1986
Middle Teton, WY 1985
Mt. St. Johns, WY 1985

Mt. Abraham, VT 1986*,**
Mt. Mansfield, VT 1983*,**
Camel's Hump, VT 1985*,**
Mt Ellen, VT 1987
Glastonbury Mt., VT 1989
Snake Mt., VT 1988*
Breadloaf Mt., VT 1990*

Mt. Wilson, VT (1992)

Mt Roosevelt, VT (1992)
Worth Mt., VT 1992*

Longs Peak, CO 1990 (First 14'er!)
Gray Pk, CO 1990
Torreys Pk. 1990
Flattop Mt, CO 1990
South Arapahoe, CO 1990
Disappointment Pk, WY 1990
Camel's Hump, WY (In Cirque of the Towers) 1990
Bear Pk, CO 1990
Green Mt, CO 1990

Marcy, NY*
Algonquin, NY*
Skylight, NY
Whiteface, NY
Dix, NY*
Gray, NY
Iroquois, NY*
Gothics, NY*
Colden, NY*
Giant, NY*
Nippletop, NY
Santanoni, NY
Wright, NY
Panther, NY
TableTop, NY
Armstrong, NY
Hough, NY*
Big Slide, NY*
Esther, NY
Upper Wolfjaw, NY
Lower Wolfjaw, NY*
Street, NY
Phelps, NY*
Sawteeth, NY
Cascade, NY*
Porter, NY*
Dial, NY
Nye, NY
Noonmark, NY*
Hurricane Mt., NY*
Sawteeth, NY
Mt. Haystack, NY
Basin Mt., NY
Saddleback, NY
Seymour, NY
Marshall, NY
Colvin, NY*
Blake, NY

Hunger Mt (VT) 1996

Burnt Mt. (VT) 1997*

Robert Frost Mt. (VT) 2002
Macomb (NY) 2002*
Mt Clay (NH) 2002
Couchsachraga (NY) 2002
Cliff (NY) 2003
Allen (NY) 2003
Twin Sisters (CO) 2003
Mt Elbert (CO) 2003
Mt Bierstadt (CO) 2003
E. Dix (NY) 2003

Mt Welch (2003)

Mt. Dickey (2003)

S. Dix, NY (2004)*

Redfield, NY (2004)

Rocky Ridge Peak, NY (2004)

Donaldson, NY (2004)

Emmons, NY (2004)

Seward, NY (2004)

Breakneck Mt. NY (2005)

Diamond Head HI (2005)*

Pitchoff Mountain (2007)

Mt. Adams, NY (2009)

* denotes more than one ascent

** denotes a winter ascent