The John Glad Interviews-Conversations with Russian Writers

In the early 1980's John Glad who was then working at the Kennan Institute in Washington D.C. recorded a series of videotaped interviews with leading Russian writers. Some of those interviews were subsequently published in Russian as Besedy v izgnanii : russkoe literaturnoe zarubezh'e. An English translation of some of the interviews English translations done by Richard and Joanna Robin can also be found in John Glad, Conversations in exile: Russian writers abroad. The original video recordings were deposited with the University of Maryland. Professor Glad himself retained his own copies and at different times and places he exhibited them to interested audiences.

In the spring of 2007 Professor Glad made his copies of the tapes available to me for digitization. What follows is a list of the interviewees with links to the actual recordings that have been restored in so far as possible.

Selections of the interviews.

Vasily Aksyonov Viktor Nekrasov
Liudmila Alekseeva Aleksandr Ovcharenko
Yuz Aleshkovsky Andrei Sinyavsky
Igor Birman Andrei Sinyavsky and Marina Rozanova
Joseph Brodsky Sasha Sokolov
Ivan Elagin Vladimir Soloukhin
Boris Fillipov and Viktor Nekrasov Alexandr Suslov
Roman Goul Ilya Suslov
Naum Korzhavin Igor Yefimov
Vladimir Maksimov Vladimir Voinovich

I want to express my thanks to John Glad for sharing his tapes with me, to Scott Witt at Middlebury College who digitized the materials, and to Tanya Chebotareva of The Bakhmeteff Archives of Columbia University where the originals are now housed. A set of VHS tapes may be available through the Russian, East European and Eurasian Center of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.