I know: --

-- lands of light descended in rays from the ancient sun: on the sephiroth-rays (Sepher-Yezira calls the rays of wisdom "sephiroth").

Where is she, Zephyria?

She perished.

And she was preserved -- in the phantasy of the Greeks: yes, the Greeks believed, that somewhere in India, in distant places, a "golden land" gleamed; and they called this golden land: Zopheira, Opheira.

Yes, I know: --

-- Opheira is -- something shining, a fairy tale of rays; that is -- Ephyra; but the ether is cooled off by the air; it is -- Air?

In ancient-ancient Aeria, in Aer, once upon a time we lived -- sound-people; and there we were sounds of exhaled lights: the sounds of lights live silently in us; and sometimes we express them by a sound-word, by glossolalia.

It will encounter no response

Amidst the noise of people

From flame and light

A newborn word.


And there resounds, like a faraway sound: "Ya-Az-Aziya" (I-I am-Asia),"Ra-Ar-Yar," Zar-Zhar-Shar": (Sunrise-Ashen heat-Sphereshaped): --

-- Zaratas-Zarei-Zarathustra!

Aeria, dear one, -- I remember you in sounds, outpourings of words amidst the god-forsaken, beaten, torn apart life: come!


"I am with you to the end of time."