lingua...linguarum "tongue of tongues" or "language of languages." The Russian word [yazyk] can be translated as "tongue" or "language." In English both "tongue" and "language" have their roots in Indo-European. In Latin "lingua" was used both for "tongue" and the "tongue used for speech." Max Muller often uses "tongue" and "language" interchangeably.

designs. To better understand the drawing consider that the lips and teeth are to the right of the design. The starting and ending points of the line are the place of articulation of the sound "s." Bely did a whole series of such word "designs" resembling his drawing for the Russian word [strast']. Several of theses unpublished illustrations to Glossolalia in copies made by Klavdia Nikolaevna Bugaeva are on display at the Andrei Bely Memorial Apartment in Moscow. I am grateful to Nikolai Aleksandrov and Monika Spivak of the museum for pointing them out to me.