clairvoyance In Stainer's writings this is the state or ability to perceive the spiritual world.

astre In OED we read that his word stands for "hearth." But more likely Bely wanted the word "aster" Latin for "star."

"P" the Latin one Bely has to distinguish between the Roman letter "P" and the Cyrillic letter "P" pronounced as a "r."

passion from Latin "pati--, pass- to suffer." In Latin the word was primarily used in Christian theology, signifying the suffering of pain. OED XI, 309. Also Greek "pathos." French "passion." Years later Nabokov, in the novel Despair, would point to the "ass" in "passion."

Steiner recognized the specific qualities of different languages and refers to a comparison of French and Russian. "You see these two languages [Russian and French] may really be compared to day and night, to the opposite poles, their characteristics are so different. (Eurythmy, 82).