zh"-"sh" heat Russian [zhar] sphere-shape Russian [shar]

m is blood Cf. Greek "aimo," Latin "haemo-" English "hemoglobin," etc.

dendron Greek "tree."

tree of life The metaphor of tree for language goes back at least to Horace via Muller p. 43. Bely uses it in his article "Aaron's rod." [Zhezl Aarona].

mare Latin "sea" used in English to designates seas on the moon. Related to English words "maritime," and Russian [morye] meaning "sea."

maia=Maia Latin. "The mother of Mercury by Jupiter." Or the Hindu sense of "the production of an illusion" or "the illusion of the reality of sensory experience." Also see Occult Science, 230.


struggling = Russian [stradanie] "suffering,"

straining [strast'] "passion.",

stricken [sherokh] "rugged, coarse."

fear struck.[strax] "fear."

A literal translation minus my attempt to preserve the "str" sound would read: "the lines of the sound "srkh-str" lead us away from the light: suffering, passion, buffed, fear."

Jupiter. This is the next, the fifth day for Steiner.