nomina Latin "name"

animalia Latin "animal"

anima Latin "spirit"

maino Perhaps the Lithuanian for "exchange."

mana Sanskrit "mind"

Titan also the largest satellite of Saturn and second largest in the solar system. Also called Helios.

Manas "This astral body, overcome and transformed by the ego, may be called the spirit self. This is what, in connection with oriental wisdom, is called 'manas.' " (Occult Science,.39). Reason, the rational faculty of the mind.

Mana ?? Could be Mannai, an ancient kingdom in present day Iran.

Manes Persian prophet. The manes are also the Roman spirits of the dead.

Mann German "man." Pokorny traces the roots man-s, monu-s to Mann, and "Mensch" German "person." He notes the possibility, but not necessity that these and consequently man are related to the root men- and "thought." Bely returns here to the thoughts expressed in Section 17. Cf. it and the notes.