sol Latin "sun." Cf. English "solar."

sor Latin "fortune."

son Russian "dream" related to somnus

in innig German "in, inner."

whisked on voluntarily Russian [volochitsya voleem] Literally: "dragged about by free will."

Boreas Greek God of the North Wind.

voler, voile, volo. Latin "volo" to "want, to wish." The Latin noun "volo" means "volunteer."

wave Russian [volna] In German "Wellen," Both are related to IE uel-....ul-no-s "to turn, wind." The root for "wanting, wishing, choosing" is uel- uolo-. Cf. Pokorny, 1140, 1137.

Salz German "salt." Cf. Pokorny, I, 878-879.

sals Latin (and Latvian) "salt."

hals halen is Welsh for salt. Bely could mean the Greek alas.

Sol'ts?? The "ts" combination is in fact a good representation of the sound of the German letter "z."

Solnze Russian "sun." Bely provides his own phonetic transcription for Germans of the Russian word.

salt Russian [sol']

zl... German "s" before a vowel is pronounced as the English "z."

Atlantis The Greek legend of the island overwhelmed by the sea. Atlantis, however, is also a key stage in development according to Steiner's historical progression

We-ol: wol-woln; soln-saln-seln; chlin-nz-zk-k; ktz; w-zwt. Bely will go on to describe and express these sound combinations of what at first glance recalls a nonsense language similar to speaking in tongues of I Corinthians.