Chrysos!! Bely uses the Russian [Khrizos]. Russian does not distinguish between Greek i and y. This will permit Bely to play and interchange chrysos and Christus from Greek meaning "anointed." There is no explicit etymological connection. The Greek word, chrysos also found in Latin as "chrysus" means "gold." See OED, III, 191. The closest Greek words with the chris- are chrisis meaning "smearing, anointing." and related to the English word chrism, cream. See OED III, 1756. And Greek christos is "the anointed one." See A Greek-English Lexicon. Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott, 2 vols. rev Henry Stuart Jones (Oxford, 1940).

rei pl. of res property, wealth, things

erei not found

elei Perhaps Eleus and Elius connected to Olympia or Olympic games. eoli=ele-oil. The verb "ele," now obsolete means to "anoint." Derived from the Latin oli-um .

Aeoli Greek god Aeolus of the wind.