Bely's use of the sounds, ts-v-k, works for his Russian word [tsvetok]. Here sound meets sense perfectly in Russian. I am still searching for an adequate English replacement. The Russian [tsvetok] is related to the IE root *kvet- *kuei (Pokorny I, 628, 629). leuchten; hell, weiß

Erde German "earth"

rda?? Note that the English word "ore" comes from Old English óra "unwrought metal" and Latin ás, ár "brass."

"Zoroaster" . . . "Zarathustra" The prophet Zoroaster (or Zarathustra) ( c.628-551 BC) who reforms and influences the ancient Aryan religion. Steiner differentiates between the historical figure, and the prehistorical Zarathustra who prepares the Persians for the future reunification of mankind with the spiritual world. (Occult Science, 236-237).

(streckendes-strahlendes) German "stretching out, shining"