pedunkles a small stalk, footstalk. a minute, stalk-like support, as those of seeds. OED

Räder German "wheels." Cf. Pokorny (I, 866) ret-h- meaning "to roll." Cf. Meillet, 366.

Die Sonne tönt nach alter Weise. "The sun sounds the oldtime way." The opening line of the "Prologue in Heaven" of Goethe's Faust.

Mount Tabor (Hebrew: Har Tavor) rises above the Plain of Esdraelon, east of Nazareth, in northern Israel. The mountain has been a landmark since ancient times. First referred to in the 13th century BC in Egyptian documents, it was frequently mentioned in the Old Testament. Christian tradition places the Transfiguration of Jesus there. A Franciscan church and a Greek Orthodox monastery are located on the slopes.

Mount Sinai...Moses...Elijah...chariot In the Old Testament Moses receives the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. (Exodus 19:11--). Elijah the prophet figures prominently in the second book of Kings (2 Kings 2). In the New Testament both appear together. (Matthew 17:4, Mark 9:4)

rost razsveta Russian [rost] is "growth." [razsvet, rassvet] is "dawn,"

Nikolai Kliuev (1994-1937). Publishes poems in The Golden Fleece. [Zolotoe runo].Bely excerpts and in part misquotes from the poem: "The Song of the Sunbearer" [Pesen' solntsenosca]. The poem was first printed in Scythians [Skify], ii, 1918 accompanied by an introductory article by Bely himself in which he says "Kliuev, a poet of the people, hears how the Dawn, the enormous sun rises over 'white India.'"

In converting Bely's footnote to English I have eliminated the vowels that are simply a part of the name of the consonants. The choice of letters indicates that Bely relies on the German transcription rather than the French of Meillet. Although note the following:

gwh Actually gwh. Cf. Meillet (62).Brugmann uses simply gh.